Pre-wiring is the process of installing audio/video & networking capabilities before you complete construction on a remodel or newly built home.  Pre-wiring is best if done immediately after electrical wiring is installed, and before insulation and dry-wall is completed. 

Gillis Electronics & Technology works closely with homebuilders and homeowners to provide excellent service and quality installations. We understand the rigors of new home construction and are experts at communicating and working with any building schedule.

The benefits of pre-wiring are enormous, and can even increase your property value.  New technologies are being invented every-day; if your home is pre-wired, it will be “future-proofed” and ready for any new technology.  Pre-wiring is also appealing to potential home-buyers and shows that you as the home-owner have kept your property up to date and in its best condition. We provide complete turn-key service. 

Pre-wiring provides the following advantages:

  • a clean, custom look -- no visible wires
  • more cost effective to wire when walls are open
  • buyers are more attracted to pre-wired homes
  • increased resale value
  • bulky equipment hidden from view